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Studio Policies

  • Parents/Drivers should plan to drop-off and pick-up children on time.
  • We DISCOURAGE all children from waiting alone in the parking lot for their ride.
  • No one is allowed in any studio without a teacher present, without permission.
  • No running or misbehaving anywhere in the building.

  • Students should arrive on time, or a bit early, and be prepared for classes. Please allow a few minutes for your child to adjust from their previous activity to the dance studio. Older dancers should arrive early enough to allow themselves to warm up prior to class.
  • Students should attend class on a regular basis for continued growth in technique.
  • Parents should notify the studio if their child will not be attending class.
  • Students must be on time and properly attired before class begins.
  • Missed Classes / Make Ups - Any classes missed due to illness or inclement weather may be made up. There are no credits or refunds for missed classes.  In 2015,  FDO reduced the monthly tuition by $5.00, from $65 to $60 per month.  This reduction totals $45 annually.  We made this adjustment to allow for up to 3 canceled classes during the dance year for various, teacher illness, etc. 

Dress Code
  • Preschool/Combo: Any colored leotard, tights, or socks, pink ballet shoes with elastics and ties tucked in or cut off, black tap shoes, hair must be secured up and off face.

  • Acro: Leotard, tights, bare feet.

  • Ballet: Black leotard with pink or tan tights, pink ballet slippers, no tank tops, black shorts only, hair must be securely off face and in a bun.

  • Hip Hop: Comfortable work out clothes (sweats, jazz pants etc), no jeans or tight fitting clothes, sneakers.

  • All Classes: No earrings or jewelry except small posts.


Personal Belongings
  • Names are to be marked on all shoes, dance bags, and other personal items.
  • Personal belongings can be brought into studio and neatly placed off to the side.
  • Students are to wear proper dance shoes before entering the studio.
  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
        ALL Company dancers must NOT leave dance bags and belongings in the waiting area. 

  • All hair must be securely pulled back from face.
  • No food, drinks (except for water bottles) or gum chewing allowed in studios.
  • No cell phones on in class sessions.
  • No street shoes are to be worn in the dance rooms unless approved by instructor.
  • No smoking in the building or in our parking lot.

Studio Etiquette
  • We believe in providing a very positive and joyful atmosphere where extreme negativity and inappropriate behavior is unacceptable.
  • No dancer or member of a dancer's family will post any information on any social network or other internet or other generally accessible media that may embarrass or otherwise contribute to a making a negative impression of the studio, its owners, its employees and contractors or any other customer of the studio.
  • Actions of this sort may result in temporary or permanent suspension from all studio participation.

Photos Waiver

By registering for this program, you give permission to take and publish
photos of your child in print or online for promotional purposes. If you do not wish
to have your child photographed, you must include a request in writing.

Liability Waiver

I understand the activities and risks involved in all For Dancers Only classes.  I hold harmless 
For Dancers Only, all employees and representatives from all liability, suits and claims
arising from participation in or observation of any For Dancers Only activities or events.
For Dancers Only is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged property.  I also   recognize  For Dancers Only is not responsible for students when they are outside
the classroom.

Important Health Information
Please let the office know if your child has any food allergies or other special medical needs.

Tuition and Payments

Registration Fee is $20 or $30 per family of 2 or more dancers.
Recital Costume Deposit
In November, you will be charged a $50 recital costume deposit for each class in which you are enrolled in
For Dancers Only.  Recital costumes are ordered in December to be assured of the delivery date.  For those on automatic monthly payment, this charge will also be included in the November charge. The balance of the    costume cost will be posted in March or April and will be included in that month's charge.
Monthly Due Dates -- The first month’s payment is due at registration. Subsequent tuition will be due on the 1st of every month.  Statements will be emailed monthly. Please make sure the office has a correct email.

Payment Methods -- We accept cash, checks, credit cards (VISA & MasterCard). For most of our customers, we maintain their credit card account information in our systems and process the monthly charges automatically - the dance class registration form includes a section where you can provide the required information and signature to enable automatic monthly payments.
You may also pay at the office with cash, check or credit card. In all cases, we do require a credit card and your pre-authorization for use in the event that we do not receive your monthly payment by the applicable due date. For any payments made by check: (i) post dated checks are not permitted; and (ii) a $25.00 return fee will be charged for any returned checks Late Charge -- Accounts outstanding past the due date will be assessed a $5.00 late charge.