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"Little Stars Dance Program" 
Miss Patti Krapels ~ Young Dancer Director

 "Let us teach little children to breathe, to vibrate, to feel, and to become one with the general      harmony and movement of nature. Let us produce a beautiful human being, a dancing child."
                                                                                                                        -Isadora Duncan

My goal for Preschool Dance is to introduce children to the beautiful and creative Art of Dance through movement and music appreciation. For preschoolers, movement in a creative dance setting can provide an essential educational experience. Through movement, songs, rhymes and repetition, children gain not only muscular strength and endurance but also challenge themselves emotionally and cognitively. Children's love of dance enables them to be more independent, confident, and socially mature. Many exciting and fun activities have been planned for our dance classes this year. We are looking forward to a wonderful year of dancing together! ~ Miss Patti

Studio News and Updates

New Classes This Year*
Beginner Acro ...Ages 3-6
Beginner Hip Hop...Ages 4-5
Recreational Acro...All Ages and levels
Pre-Team Classes...Ages 6-7
Acting Classes.. Ages 3-10
Pre Competition Level Classes....Ballet/Tap & Jazz
Combo 3 Classes: Acro/ Hip Hop, Jazz/Tap, Jazz/Lyrical

*10% tuition discount for multiple classes

Children's Special Needs Dance Classes  

If you need to reach me with any questions, please email:

Recital 2017
                   Congratulations to ALL my beautiful dancers!!!!!                     
 You were all amazing in the Recital and I am so proud of you!!!!      
 Thank you Parents and 
families for all your love and support throughout the year and for sharing your beautiful and talented children with me.
Looking forward to new beginnings and a wonderful new dance year!!!! 
Pajama Day Memories

***International Day Fun***

Video Memories


"DOLLY DAY" 2015  


"Silly Hat 
Day" 2014


Halloween Fun 2014


For Dancers Only Autumn Celebration

Our "Young Dancers" have been busy moving and
dancing as we celebrate the beauty of Autumn!!! 

FDO's "Terrific TWOsies" Camp 2014 Fun!!!!

Terrific TWOsies Summer Camp 2014 Memories

FDO's Young Dancers
 have been busy dancing, making new friends
and having
lots of fun in Summer classes!!!!

Performing Hearts Dance Program

In a perfect world, every child would be healthy with opportunities to pursue their dreams, including their dreams in the arts. Unfortunately, our world includes many children who are living with disabilities and battling serious illness, both physical and mental -- making these dreams very difficult to realize. Performing Hearts provides opportunities for these children to enjoy the art of dance -- first-hand with their peers and with others who have committed their time and talent to help Performing Hearts in its cause.

Special Notes 

Congratulations to All my Beautiful Dancers!!!!!

I am so proud of everyone for all your hard work and dedication throughout the year.
I loved watching you perform on stage...your dancing and smiles touched my heart !
Looking forward to September and dancing together again.


Recital 2014 Memories

Dance Class Theme Days

Preschool and Combo Classes

Calendar of Events

The following is a list of special events we will be celebrating in our Preschool and Combo classes during the year. 
All dates and instructions will be announced prior to the scheduled event.


“Welcome Dancers”



"Halloween Costumes"

November *(Will be rescheduled)

"Silly Hat Day"


"Holiday Parties"



"Dolly Day"

"Pajama Day"


“International Day”


"Recital Preparation"





Birthday Parties 

Celebrate Your Birthday At For Dancers Only

Click here for more party information!

Preschool and Combo Class Memories

           Preschool and Combo Class Slide Shows

Recital 2013


FDO Holiday Class Celebrations 2013

Dolly Day 2013


Pajama Day 2013 

Halloween 2012

FDO Holiday Class Celebrations 2012