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Ed Phalen

Ed Phelan is one of the most recognized names in the dance industry. 

His choreography and attention to detail help make him one of the 
most sought after choreographers in the country. 

A native of New Jersey, Ed has trained in all areas of the performing arts. 

He has been teaching and choreographing for over twenty years. Living in Pittsburgh for 3 years he was teaching and choreographing for the hit television she Dance Moms on Lifetime TV. 

His students have won numerous regional and national award. Such as Master, Junior Mr, Petite and Teen Miss Dance of America. Miss Dance of the United States and The International Queen of Dance. They can be seen performing professionally all over the country, 
including cruise ships, ballet companies, in touring companies, and in many Broadway and off-Broadway shows. 

Ed is a member of Dance Educators of America and Dance Masters of America.