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Kelly Allen

Kelly  has been teaching dance since 1988 when she founded her own studio.  She has worked with hundreds of dancers, and has taught all levels and disciplines from preschool through adult. Kelly is recognized as the director of one of the finest dance studios in the country and has membership credentials with Dance Educators of America, Professional Dance Teachers Association, Dance Masters of America, and USA Gymnastics. Prior to opening her own studios, Kelly taught master classes and developed choreography for many studios across the country and was engaged by many national dance competitions and conventions as a teacher and judge.

"As I have taught and inspired many young dancers, I have been taught and inspired myself by what they have achieved. To work with children, in dance, is at times challenging but is always rewarding. For a child or teen to be able to stand up on a stage and perform, or speak in front of a room full of peers, or present what might seem to be a simple ‘show-and-tell’ – each is a personal accomplishment, a building block that serves them well as they grow. Dance classes provide a fun, safe place where young people can develop important attributes including self-confidence and self-control as well as an understanding and appreciation for the value of persistence, focus, and preparation."